Proposed sequence of events for GroEL encapsulation, based upon results from the present study.

<p>In this figure, ideas derived from the present study are illustrated in <i>yellow text bubbles</i>, ideas based upon prior studies <a href="" target="_blank">[20]</a>–<a href="" target="_blank">[22]</a> are illustrated in the <i>blue text bubble</i>. The scheme is based on the characteristics displayed by numerous mutant forms of GroEL that highlight certain dependencies between individual molecular events. Kinetic phases detected in our stopped-flow experiments are indicated in <i>blue text</i>, names of individual mutants are denoted in <i>red text</i>, and <i>green text</i> indicates proposed correlations and conclusions derived from comparisons of our results with various previous studies. Details are given in the main text.</p>