Proliferation response to EGF and HGF is altered in 3D compared to 2D.

The plot displays the expected growth surface (i.e. the predicted growth response from the model that was estimated from the data) across varying concentrations of EGF and HGF using the baseline growth estimated for Plate 1 (Figure S3). H1975 cells were plated as a monolayer on a flat bottom plate (2D) or a spheroid in a ULA round bottom plate (3D) and were stimulated with HGF and EGF (250 ng/ml with six serial 1∶2 dilutions) at various combinations at day 1 for 48 hours. These concentrations were dosed in either flat bottom or ULA round bottom plate. Growth (RLU values) was measured in each well by Cell Titer-Glo Assay and was normalized in terms of percent control. The expected growth surface was generated from the linear growth model that included a linear and quadratic terms for EGF and HGF, as well as an interaction term between EGF and HGF.