Prognostic significance of <i>RPH3AL</i> LOH.

<p>Kaplan-Meier survival analyses of <b>(A)</b> LOH at <i>17p13</i>.<i>3</i> locus of <i>RPH3AL</i>, <b>(B)</b> LOH at <i>17p13</i>.<i>1</i> locus of the <i>TP53</i>, and <b>(C)</b> combinations of LOH at <i>RPH3AL</i> and <i>TP53</i>, and <b>(D)</b> survival proportions of patients with LOH at both <i>RPH3AL</i> and <i>TP53</i> loci <i>versus</i> the patients without LOH at both loci. Log-rank P-values and the number of patients at risk (<i>N</i>) in each group at different time periods. Positivity of <i>RPH3AL</i> LOH, but not <i>TP53</i> LOH, was associated with patient poor survival. Patients with LOH positivity at both <i>RPH3AL</i> and <i>TP53</i> loci had poor survival relative to patients with LOH at <i>TP53</i> and without LOH at <i>RPH3AL</i> (P = 0.008) as well as those that were LOH negative at both loci (P = 0.014). Also, the subgroup with LOH positive at <i>RPH3AL</i> and LOH negative at <i>TP53</i> locus had poor survival, similar to the patients that were positive at both loci (P = 0.101), suggesting that <i>RPH3AL</i> LOH is associated with patient prognosis.</p>