Prevalence of <i>S. mansoni</i> and <i>S. haematobium</i> according to different diagnostic approaches, stratified by epidemiological setting.

<p>The study was carried out in three epidemiological settings of south Côte d'Ivoire in October and November 2010. Triplicate Kato-Katz thick smears from the first collected stool sample, nine Kato-Katz thick smears from three stool samples, one CCA-A from the first collected urine sample, three CCA-A tests from three urine samples, one CCA-B test from the first collected urine sample, and one ether-concentration test on SAF-fixed stool samples from the second collected stool sample were used for the diagnosis of <i>S. mansoni</i>. Three urine filtrations were employed for <i>S. haematobium</i> diagnosis and three Hemastix dipsticks were used for microhematuria appraisal.</p><p>*Exact 95% confidence interval.</p><p>**In settings A, B and C, there were 2, 6 and 7 tests considered invalid, and hence not taken into account for prevalence calculations.</p>