Pre-treatment with CDDO-Me decreases IR-induced DNA damage in a variety of non-cancerous cells.

CDDO-Me decreases radiation-induced DNA damage in the alkaline comet assay in bronchial and mammary epithelial cells as well as human lymphocytes. (A) HBEC 3KT, (B) HME1, and (C) PBMCs were treated with CDDO-Me 18 hours prior to IR, then mounted on slides 30 min post-IR. Data analyzed and calculated using Open Comet software [tail moment = tail length x tail DNA percentage]. Mean ± SEM of >50 cells per condition, *p<0.05 using t-test (compared to 3 Gy DMSO). **p<0.01, using T-test (compared to 0 Gy DMSO).