Phenotypic analysis of <i>glxA</i> mutant.

<p><i>S. coelicolor</i> M145, <i>cslA<sup>−</sup></i> (<i>cslA</i>-Tn) and <i>glxA</i><sup>−</sup> strains are indistinguishable when grown on MS agar (A) but both mutant strains display a <i>bld</i> phenotype on R5 (B). The <i>bld</i> phenotype in mutants <i>cslA</i><sup>−</sup> and <i>glxA</i><sup>−</sup> cannot be rescued by extracellular complementation by the parental strain <i>S. coelicolor M145</i> (C). The <i>bld</i> phenotype of <i>glxA</i><sup>−</sup> is conditional to the presence of high osmolyte in the medium. Strains shown were grown on R5 without Sucrose for 5 days (D).</p>