Percentage of aberrant marker segregation in <i>msh4</i>, <i>msh5</i> mutants in the NHY942/NHY943 strain background.

<p>Non 2∶2 segregation of markers in <i>msh4</i> and <i>msh5</i> mutants were identified from four spore viable tetrads using RANA software <a href="" target="_blank">[24]</a>. All aberrant segregants were 1∶3 or 3∶1 gene conversions except for two 4∶0 events. No post-meiotic segregation events were observed. Gene conversion data for wild-type, <i>pch2Δ</i>, <i>spo11-HA</i> and <i>spo11-HA pch2Δ</i> are from Zanders and Alani <a href="" target="_blank">[21]</a>.</p>