Pathways for the synthesis of UDP-Glucuronic acid and derivatives as adapted from [<b>24</b>].

<p>UDP-D-GlcA is a precursor of several cell wall polysaccharides and is synthesized by two pathways. The main pathway involves oxidation of UDP-D-Glc into UDP-D-GlcA by enzyme UGD (Red). Alternative involves conversion of inositol into D-GlcA by enzyme MIOX (blue). D-GlcA is further converted into UDP-D-GlcA. UDP-D-GlcA: UDP-D-glucuronic acid, UDP-D-Glc: UDP-glucose, UGD: UDP-glucose dehydrogenase, MIOX: myo-inositol oxygenase, UDP-D-GalA: UDP-D-galacturonic acid, UDP-Gal: UDP-D-galactose, UDP-Rha: UDP-L-rhamnose, D-Glc-6P: Glucose-6-phospahate, GDP-D-Man: GDP-D-mannose, GDP-L-Fuc: GDP-L-fucose, D-Fru-6P: D-Fructose-6-phospahate, Inositol-1-P: Inositol-1-phosphate, D-Glc-1P: D-Glucose-1-phospahate, D-GlcA: D-glucuronic acid.</p>