<i>Osx-cre; Raptor</i><sup><i>f/f</i></sup>mice exhibited reduced trabecular bone mass.

2015-06-19T03:53:29Z (GMT) by Jianquan Chen Fanxin Long
<p>(A-B) Representative X-ray images of hind limbs of 6 week-old <i>Osx-Cre</i> (Ctrl) (A) or <i>Osx-Cre; Raptor</i><sup><i>f/f</i></sup>(RapCKO) mice. (B). (C-D) μCT three-dimensional reconstruction of metaphyseal trabecular bone of the tibia from 6 week-old <i>Osx-Cre</i> (Ctrl) (C) or <i>Osx-Cre; Raptor</i><sup><i>f/f</i></sup> (RapCKO) littermate mice(D). (E-H) μCT quantification of proximal metaphyseal trabecular bone parameters. BV: bone volume; TV: total volume; Tb. N*: trabecular number; Tb. Th*: trabecular thickness; Tb. Sp*: trabecular spacing. Quantification was performed on 100 of 16 μm slices immediately below the growth plate. Ctrl: n = 5; RapCKO: n = 4; *:P<0.05.</p>