Non-conserved chromosomal assignments or non-colinearity between the genetic maps and the B73 sequence.

Positions on the black vertical lines are according to the physical coordinates on the B73 genome. Red (blue) ticks on the left (right) side of the lines indicate the positions of the markers that are mapped on a different chromosome in the IBM (LHRF) genetic map as compared to the B73 genome. Numbers beside the ticks indicate the chromosome onto which the respective markers were genetically mapped. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of differently mapped markers. Thick red (blue) lanes on the left (right) side of each chromosome line indicate the regions with markers mapped on the same chromosome, but with significant order disagreements between IBM (LHRF) genetic maps and the B73 genome. The name of each such non-colinear regions, indicated besides the thick lane, starts with the chromosome number followed by a dot, and ends with “I” for IBM or “L” for LHRF. The same names are used in Table S11.