No Difference in Glucose Uptake, Differentiation or Insulin Signaling between KRAP−/−- and Wild-Type-Adipocytes in Vitro.

(A) Glucose uptake into differentiated adipocytes, from KRAP−/− (KO)- and wild-type (WT)-BAT, measured with or without the pretreatment of insulin. One representative data of three independent experiments performed in quadruplicate. Data are presented as mean±S.E.M.; NS, not significant. (B) Accumulation of lipid droplets detected by Oil Red-O staining in the differentiated adipocytes. Scale bar, 100 μm. (C) Western blot analysis of ACC and PGC-1 in the differentiated adipocytes. (D) Western blot analysis of total- and phospho-Akt (P-Akt) in the differentiated adipocytes treated with 100 nM of insulin for the indicated period (upper) or with the indicated concentrations of insulin for 10 min (lower).