Nerve fibers in cross sections of the distal colon.

<p>Orderly distribution of fibers labelled by neuron specific anti-β-tubulin (III) antibody was observed in colon sections from sham-treated guinea-pigs at all time points <b>(A-A</b><sup><b>II</b></sup><b>)</b>. Disorganized, fragmented, and irregularly dispersed fibers were evident within the mucosa of sections from TNBS-only <b>(B-B</b><sup><b>II</b></sup><b>)</b> and UCM-treated <b>(E-E</b><sup><b>II</b></sup><b>)</b> animals at all time points. Damage to nerve fibers was present in sections from MSC and CM-treated animals at 6 hours <b>(C-D)</b>, however re-growth of nerve fibers was observed at 24 <b>(C</b><sup><b>I</b></sup><b>-D</b><sup><b>I</b></sup><b>)</b> and 72 hours <b>(C</b><sup><b>II</b></sup><b>-D</b><sup><b>II</b></sup><b>)</b>. <i>n</i> = 4/group/time point. Scale bars = 50μm.</p>