Necropsy Findings from MPXV infected prairie dogs.

Transmissibility of MPXV was studied within the prairie dog MPXV model. For each study, eight cages with holes on one side were utilized to individually cross-house eight animals. One challenged animal was cross-housed with an uninfected animal from the time of exposure of the challenged animal. Loads of virus within tissues harvested from animals that died due to MPXV infection are shown in pfu/g on a log scale (A). Gross pathological findings included necrotic/hemorrhagic submandibular lymph nodes (B); characteristic mottled spleen seen during MPXV infections (C); enlarged LN in abdominal adipose tissue and pox lesions visible in intestinal tissue (D); discolored liver with multifocal areas of paleness (E); and enlarged mesentery lymph nodes (F). Asterisks (*) indicate tissues that were only taken from one animal.