Mutation of phosphorylation sites in the PTEN C-terminus inhibits TGFβ-induced smad-independent pathways, but not the smad-dependent pathway in H358 cells.

<p>Cell extracts from H358ON cells expressing Dox-dependent GFP, GFP-PTENWt, or GFP-PTEN4A in the absence or presence of Dox were harvested for analysis of the levels of total and phosphorylated for smad2 (<b>A</b>), Akt473 (<b>B</b>), Akt308 (<b>B</b>), and FAK (<b>C</b>) at the indicated periods after treatment with vehicle or TGFβ (1hour for smad2, 1hour for Akt473, 1hour for Akt308, and 24hours for FAK, respectively). A representative blot from three independent experiments is shown (<b>top</b> in <b>A</b>, B and C). The ratio of phosphorylated protein to total protein is presented as the intensity level relative to that in H358ON cells expressing Dox-dependent GFP treated with vehicle in the absence of Dox (<b>bottom</b> in <b>A</b>, B and C). Data shown represent the means ± SE. The experiment was repeated three times with similar results. *: p<0.05 N.S. indicates “not significant”.</p>