Motor handedness bias of five <i>Caenorhabditis</i> species.

<p>(<b>A</b>) HBVs of individual worms for N2 (n = 32), <i>C. briggsae</i> (n = 23), <i>C. japonica</i> (n = 19), <i>C. remanei</i> (n = 19) and <i>C. brenneri</i> (n = 23) samples. (<b>B</b>) Log (p-value of two-tailed binomial test) of the same worms as in (A) and plotted as in Fig. 4. (<b>C</b>) Log transformation of the p-values representing binomial logistic regression model fits for the indicated species. (<b>D</b>) Estimates of the binomial logistic regression π parameter for all 9 samples used in this study. There are 10 possible pairwise comparisons between the 5 N2-related strains; only one was marginally significantly different at the 0.05 threshold (<i>spe-12</i> vs. <i>gpa-16</i> reversed; p = 0.047). By contrast, all 5 N2-related strains are significantly different from each of the other 4 <i>Caenorhabditis</i> species (20 possible pairwise comparisons).</p>