Morphological and stereological analysis of the regenerated median nerves show significant differences.

<p>A, B: representative light micrographs of transverse sections of median nerves stained with toluidine blue of BALB/c and BALB-neuT mice, respectively. Bar = 10 µm. C, D, E, F: histograms showing the results of histomorphometric evaluations of nerve regeneration. After the regenerative process, BALB-neuT nerves show more and smaller myelinated fibers compared to uninjured ones. Histograms are represented as percentage variation of regenerated nerves with respect to relative uninjured nerves; values in the graphics are expressed as mean+SEM). G, H: scatterplots displaying <i>g</i>-ratios of individual fibers in relation to respective axon diameter (obtained from more than 250 myelinated axons per group, 5 mice per genotype) show that in both BALB/c (G) and BALB-neuT (H) mice <i>g</i>-ratio is higher after injury. Statistical significance: *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.</p>