Microarray analysis.

<p><b>A. </b><i>SdhD</i> mRNA levels in heterozygous (+/−) and SDHD-ESR adrenal medulla and kidney relative to wild-type (+/+) tissues 7 days after the start of the tamoxifen treatment, as obtained from the corresponding microarray feature (Gene Bank accession n° NM_025848). *, <i>P</i>≤0.05; ***, <i>P</i>≤0.001. The number of samples is 8 per group. <b>B.</b> Supervised hierarchical clustering of adrenal medulla (AM) and kidney samples based on genes that showed significant differences in their expression level. The heatmap and the hierarchical tree are shown for 8 samples, grouped in pairs, per genotype.</p>