Mean day of onset and maximum arthritis score in WT and IL10<sup>−/−</sup> mice.

<p>Arthritis was induced in WT BALB/c (n = 10 per group) or IL-10<sup>−/−</sup> mice (n = 5 per group) by two immunizations with proteoglycan in the adjuvant DDA on days 0 and day 21. Ten days prior to the induction of arthritis mice were immunized with 100 µg HSP70 whereas control mice received 100 µg EGFP or Ova. Subsequently, development of arthritis symptoms was scored by clinical examination. Data are expressed as mean±SEM and are representative for at least two independent experiments. * p<0.05 and ** p<0.01 (HSP70 immunized WT mice compared to control WT mice by Mann Whitney U test).</p>



CC BY 4.0