Mate choice by males.

<p>Four experiments evaluated mate preferences by males in relation to their relatedness to calling lures. Males were given a choice between: exp. 1a) two sibling female lures; exp. 1b) two non-sibling female lures; exp. 1c) a sibling female lure and a non-sibling female lure; exp. 1d) a sibling male lure and a non-sibling male lure. Test male behaviour was evaluated with: A) time spent with each calling lure in a Y-olfactometer arm; B) antennal contact durations with each calling lure; C) courting latency for each calling lure; D) courting durations in front of each calling lure. Open bars: sibling lures; grey bars: non-sibling lures. Means, in s, ±SE are shown. P = Wilcoxon test.</p>