MBD5 and MBD6 can colocalize with methylated regions in mouse nuclei.

<p>The indicated proteins were transfected into mouse 3T3 cells. The distribution of the various proteins in fixed cells was recorded, and representative images are provided. When different types of localization occurred, their approximate proportion is indicated. A-MBD5 isoform 1 always colocalizes with the chromocenters, DAPI-dense regions that harbor hypermethylated heterochromatin; mutating either MBD or PWWP domain changes this distribution to a diffuse nuclear pattern. Isoform 2 is also incapable of chromocenter localization. B- MBD6 colocalizes with chromocenters in 25% of the observed cells. Upon deletion of the MBD, the pattern becomes diffuse in all cells.</p>