Likelihood ratio tests (PAML) in Anopheles immunity genes between models that allow positive selection (M3, M2a, M8) and those that do not (M0, M1a, M7) and identification of sites exhibiting dN/dS ratio >1.


Significant p-value at 0.05 significance level; df: degrees of freedom.


This quantity is compared to the critical values of a chi-square distribution with the respective degrees of freedom.


Probability>0.95 in the Naive Empirical Bayes (NEB) analyses of PAML. Even though positive selection based on indications of the NEB analysis is questionable, we are reporting the results for within-gene comparative purposes.


Probability>0.99 in the Bayes Empirical Bayes (BEB) analyses of PAML.


Sites refer to amino acid positions of the proteins.


Letters in parentheses refer to the amino acid present at the site.

Sites in bold characters indicate those that were identified by HyPhy as well.