Likelihood ratio tests (PAML) in <i>Anopheles</i> immunity genes between models that allow positive selection (M3, M2a, M8) and those that do not (M0, M1a, M7) and identification of sites exhibiting dN/dS ratio >1.

*<p>Significant <i>p-value</i> at 0.05 significance level; <i>df</i>: degrees of freedom.</p>a<p>This quantity is compared to the critical values of a chi-square distribution with the respective degrees of freedom.</p>b<p>Probability>0.95 in the Naive Empirical Bayes (NEB) analyses of PAML. Even though positive selection based on indications of the NEB analysis is questionable, we are reporting the results for within-gene comparative purposes.</p>c<p>Probability>0.99 in the Bayes Empirical Bayes (BEB) analyses of PAML.</p>d<p>Sites refer to amino acid positions of the proteins.</p>e<p>Letters in parentheses refer to the amino acid present at the site.</p><p>Sites in bold characters indicate those that were identified by HyPhy as well.</p>