Learning and memory deficits are associated with mutation in <i>Cln6</i>.

<p>Following a period of habituation and training, memory and learning performance were tested in a radial arm maze task. <b>(A–B)</b> In an assay of memory, <i>Cln6<sup>nclf</sup></i> mice displayed a significant increase in the latency (time in seconds) to complete an 8-arm radial maze task during a 5-trial session. <b>(C–D)</b> Deficits in the mean amount of time required to complete the task <b>(C)</b> and the mean total distance traveled (in meters) to complete the correct maze sequence <b>(D)</b> occurred in <i>Cln6<sup>nclf</sup>mice</i> when the maze task was altered 24-hours later to assay learning. [Mean +/− SEM, <i>n</i> = 6–9 (**<i>p</i>≤0.01, ***<i>p</i>≤0.0001)].</p>