Lamellocyte WGA staining was reduced in <i>L. victoriae</i> attacked larvae and restored by <i>Mgat1</i> overexpression.

<p>Paired brightfield and FITC images of hemocytes stained with FITC-WGA 24–48 hours following attack by the indicated wasp. (A–D) Lamellocytes from <i>He-Gal4;w<sup>1118</sup></i> larvae were WGA+ following <i>L. clavipes</i> attack (A,B), but were WGA− following <i>L. victoriae</i> attack (C,D). (E,F) The WGA+ staining was restored to <i>L. victoriae</i> attacked larvae by hemocyte specific expression of <i>Mgat1</i> in <i>He-Gal4;UAS-Mgat1</i> larvae. Scale bars indicate 10 µm.</p>