Lack of ISA27 toxicity in an <i>in vitro</i> human cell model (lymphomonocytes).

<p><i>6A</i>) <i>Scatter cytogram analysis of cell populations from peripheral blood:</i> Scatter cytogram analysis showing cell separation by size and granularity (G2 = lymphocytes; G3 = monocytes). One representative experiment is presented. <i>6B</i>) <i>Time-response of human lymphomonocyte viability following ISA27 treatment:</i> lymphomonocytes were treated with 2.5 µM ISA27 or 10 µM Nutlin-3 for 12, 24 and 48 h. The figure shows the viable cells and dead cells counted by Trypan blue exclusion at the indicated times. Data represent the means of three independent experiments performed in duplicate; bars, SEM. No significant differences were observed between MDM2 inhibitor-treated and untreated-control viable or dead cells at each incubation time.</p>