Kinetics of viral propagation at days 1 and 3 after Cl13 infection.

<p>C57Bl6/J mice (n = 4/group) were mock (PBS) primed or ArmΔGPC (2×10<sup>6</sup>,i.v.) primed and 10 hours later infected with Cl13 (2×10<sup>6</sup>,i.v.)). Organs were harvested at 24 (top panel) and 72 (bottom panel) hours post-infection and homogenates prepared in RPMI containing 10% FBS. Virus titers in clarified homogenates were determined as in <a href="" target="_blank">Fig. 1</a>. Statistical analysis was done using t-tests of log transformed values. NS, not significant; ND, none detected; *p<0.05; **p<0.005; **p<0.0005. Graphs are representative of three independent experiments.</p>