Interactome networks.

<p>Interactome networks for DE (<b>A, B</b>) and CO (<b>C, D</b>) hubs/high-hubs (depicted in red) and VIPs (depicted in blue) using MINT, HPRD and IntAct databases for FS (<b>A, C</b>) and NFS (<b>B, D</b>) groups. Node shapes and colors represent biological processes, as follows: diamond for actin/cytoskeleton; hexagon for signaling (blue or pink borders stands for neurotransmission or inflammation); octagon for calcium ion binding/transport/homeostasis; octagon with blue or pink border stand for cation channel or cation transport respectively; parallelogram for cell-cell interaction/adhesion; rectangle for cell processes (blue or green borders stand for apoptosis or proliferation); bordered triangles stand for synaptic transmission/SNARE complex (light blue), voltage-gated ion channel activity (pink), GABAergic synaptic transmission (red), synaptic transmission (green) and neuronal differentiation/motility (purple); vee for cholesterol homeostasis; ellipse for other processes. Nodes in red represent high-hubs or hubs in CO or DE transcriptional networks, respectively; Nodes in blue represent VIPs in CO and DE transcriptional networks; Node size is related to node degree (number of links). Links in red represent the first and second hub connections, centered in DE or CO VIPs.</p>