"Insectivore" mammal skulls, ventral view

2013-06-11T08:22:22Z (GMT) by Sive Finlay Natalie Cooper
<p>Photographs of ventral views of "insectivore" mammal skulls (Afrosoricida, Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha and Notoryctemorphia) from the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and the Smithsonian Institute (SI). I can provide a list of the species identities corresponding to each specimen ID number. Alternatively, species may be identified by searching the online museum databases for the specimen ID number.</p> <p>I photographed the skulls on a flat plane relative to the camera and the scale bar has 1mm as the smallest demarcation.</p> <p>Images are grey scale TIF files labelled with the museum specimen ID number, the specimen identity (cranial) and view (ventral) along with the date that I took the photograph. Some specimens were photographed three times, re-positioning the skull in between each picture. They are labelled with the same museum specimen number and then _1A, _2A and _3A to indicate that they are replicate pictures of the same skull.</p> <p>These photos form part of my research on morphological diversity in tenrecs compared to other mammal groups.</p>