Inhibition of parasite growth by BMAP-27 and BMAP-18 peptides.

<p>MIC assays were performed on trypanosomes and <i>Leishmania</i> using alamarBlue as described in the <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and Methods</a>. Panel A: Comparison of full length and truncated host defense peptides. <i>T. b. brucei</i> 427.01 BSF (black lines), PCF (gray lines) and <i>Sodalis glossinidius</i> (green lines) were tested for sensitivity to BMAP-27 (solid lines) and BMAP-18 (dashed lines). Percent inhibition is shown as a function of peptide concentration. Panel B: Growth inhibition of a variety of kinetoplastid parasites by BMAP-18. <i>T. b. brucei</i> 427.01 PCF (black line), <i>T. b. brucei</i> TSW196 PCF (magenta line), <i>T. b. rhodesiense</i> ViTat 1.1 PCF (solid green line), <i>T. b. gambiense</i> U2 PCF (red line), <i>T. congolense</i> IL3000 PCF (orange line), <i>T. danilewskyi</i> TrCa (dashed green line), <i>L. donovani</i> LD3 (dashed blue line). The results shown are representative of more than 10 individual experiments (Panel A) or 4 individual experiments (Panel B) performed over a one year period.</p>