Inhibition of TNF-α or TNFR1 necrotic signaling complex formation inhibits secondary necrosis in IPNV-infected cells.

<p>Detection of PI-positive cells following infection with IPNV. ZF4 cells were pre-treated with TNFα-specific siRNA (<b>A</b>), AG-126 (<b>B</b>), RIP1-specific siRNA (<b>C</b>), Nec-1 (<b>D</b>), DPI (<b>E</b>), BHA (<b>F</b>) and z-VAD (<b>G</b>) then infected with IPNV (MOI = 5), and incubated for 12, 18 and 24 h. (<b>H</b>) Detection of ROS production in RIP1-specific siRNA-, Nec-1- or DPI-pre-treated cells after IPNV infection at 0, 6, 12, 18 or 24 h p.i. Fluorescence assays were performed in triplicate. Data shown are the mean ± SD. Student's <i>t</i> tests indicate significant differences compared to IPNV infection only or untreated control: *, <i>p</i><0.05.</p>