Infection, dissemination and transmission rates in Cairns <i>Ae. aegypti</i> 14 days after exposure to 1997/98 and 2008/09 strains of dengue virus type 3, as determined using a cell culture-enzyme immunoassay and the monoclonal antibody, 4G2.

<p>See Materials and Methods section for details on conduct of the three trials.</p>a<p>Titer (log<sub>10</sub>CCID<sub>50</sub>/mL) of the infectious blood meal to which mosquitoes were exposed.</p>b<p>Percentage of mosquitoes containing virus in their bodies (number positive/number tested).</p>c<p>Percentage of mosquitoes containing virus in their legs and wings (number positive/number tested).</p>d<p>Percentage of mosquito expectorates in which virus was detected (number of positive expectorates/number tested).</p>e<p><i>P</i> value calculated by Fisher’s Exact test.</p>