Increased hydrophobicity of hSOD1 can be inhibited by a subset of hSOD1 specific HuMabs.

(A) hSOD1-G85R, hSOD1-G93A, various hSOD1-specific HuMabs, and an irrelevant isotype-matched antibody (IR Mab) were separately incubated with 5 mM EDTA at room temperature (RT) or 45°C for 4 hrs. Hydrophobicity was measured with ANS dye fluorescence using a Victor 3 plate reader at 390 nm excitation and 460 nm emission and is reported as the fold change in relative fluorescence units from RT to 45°C. hSOD1-G85R (B) and hSOD1-G93A (C) were mixed with irrelevant antibody or various HuMabs with 5 mM EDTA and incubated at RT or 45°C for 4 hrs. Hydrophobicity was measured as indicated above. The mean of replicates is noted with a thick black bar with the standard deviation indicated. Samples with insufficient material for replicates are indicated with the single data point as a thick grey bar. Statistical significant differences from irrelevant antibody were determined using a Student’s t-test with P<0.01 (***), <0.05 (**), and <0.10 (*) indicated above the black bar for each sample.