Immunohistochemistry on frozen retinal sections from age (8 wk) and sex matched (female) control and affected dogs.

<p>Images on the left are from the control dog and images on the right are from the affected dog. Panels A and B are stained with GARP-CNGB1 N-terminal antibody (green) and DAPI (blue). GARP proteins are present in both the control and affected samples. Panels C and D were stained with CNGB1 C-terminal antibody (green) and DAPI. CNGB1 full length protein is not detected in the affected sample. Panels E and F are stained with CNGA1 antibody (green) and DAPI. CNGA1 is not detected in the affected sample, presumably due to necessity for CNGB1 to form viable channels and normal trafficking. Size bar: 20 µm. OS- photoreceptor outer segment, IS – photoreceptor inner segment, ONL – outer nuclear layer, IPL – inner plexiform layer, INL – inner nuclear layer.</p>