IgM Monoclonal antibody (Moab A7S8).

A. Reactivity to native, HOCL-oxLDL and MDA-oxLDL. Measured by ELISA, OD 405 at different concentrations (100, 50, 25, 10 and 1 µg/ml IgM concentration). B. Sequence IgM hybridoma. The sequence of Moab A7S8 was compared with germline VH genes by using the international ImMunoGeneTics information system/−QUEry and Standardization (IMGT/V-Quest). Moab A7S8 is composed of IgHV1–78*01, IGHJ3*01 and IGHD1-1*02 alleles, with 100% identity and no gaps. Except for the N-addition, the alleles are in frame germline sequences.