Identification of a DNase I hypersensitive site at the <i>nadA</i> promoter in the presence of MtrR.

2013-02-19T15:42:51Z (GMT) by Jason M. Cloward William M. Shafer
<p>(A) Increasing amounts of MtrR-MBP (0, 1, 5, 10 mg) were incubated with the <i>nadA</i> promoter prior to DNase I incubation. Site of DNase I hypersensitivity is denoted with an asterisk. The nucleotide sequence (G, A, T, C) is listed adjacent to the lanes. (B) Nucleotide sequence of the <i>nadA</i> promoter. Colored boxes, FarR-MBP binding sites 1, 2 & 3; Asterisk, DNase I hypersensitive site. The transcription start site (+1) and translational start site (ATG, bold and underlined) are indicated.</p>