ISA27 increases p53 protein levels in GBM cell lines.

<p>GBM cells (U87MG, U343MG) were treated with ISA27 or Nutlin-3 for the indicated incubation times, and protein levels of p53 were analysed in whole-cell lysates by Western blot. One representative Western blot is presented (upper panel) for each cell line. The blots show that the antibody to p53 (FL-393; Santa Cruz Biotechnology) recognised a single specific band at approximately 55 kDa, corresponding to the molecular weight of the p53 protein; β-actin is used as the loading control. Densitometric analyses of Western blots (lower panel) demonstrated that ISA27 induced a significant enhancement of p53 protein levels in U87MG or U343MG cells with a maximal effect at the 8 h incubation time.</p>