IRF3 is not required for IFN induction in primary MTEC.

<p>(A) MTEC derived from wild-type or IRF3<sup>−/−</sup> mice were mock treated or infected with PR8. RNA was analyzed at the indicated time by qRT-PCR, normalized to the amount of HPRT transcripts and measured as fold induction relative to the level in the corresponding control samples. (B) Expression of IL-28A/B and IFNβ was measured by qRT-PCR at 24 hpi, in epithelial cultures of the indicated genotypes. (C) Protein levels of IL-28A/B in the supernatants of mock and PR8 infected cells were measured by ELISA 24 hpi or, where indicated, at 48 hpi. Error bars indicate the SEM of replicates.</p>




CC BY 4.0