Hypoxia maintains cell plasticity with a novel equilibrium of Pluri and early Diff genes.

Cells grown under normoxia (N) or hypoxia (H) were depleted from LIF or induced with LIF after a period of LIF depletion as indicated. After 4 days, expression of the selected genes, (A) Master, (B) Pluri, (C) Pluri Adhesion and (D) Diff was analysed by RT-qPCR. Graphs represent the average level of expression and SEM as depicted in Fig 2 (n = 4). One sample t-test was performed for the +LIF condition and paired sample t-test was performed for the other conditions to evaluate the significance of the difference in the expression levels observed in normoxia versus hypoxia: *p-value<0.05; **p-value<0.01, ***p-value<0.001; if not stated: not significant.