Hormone expression in <i>Pax4</i>-deficient intestine.

<p>(A) Real time RT-PCR analyses of various intestinal hormones mRNAs in <i>Pax4</i>-deficient and control small intestine and colon at 2 days <i>postpartum</i> (n = 4). <i>Gip</i>, <i>Nts</i>, <i>Gast</i>, <i>Sct</i> and <i>Tph1</i> mRNA levels decrease significantly in Pax4 mutant small intestine, <i>Glp1</i> and <i>Ghrl</i> expressions increase in both the small intestine and colon. (B) Quantification of GLP1<sup>+</sup> cells in Pax4<sup>+/+</sup> (n = 3) and Pax4<sup>−/−</sup> P1 ileum (n = 3). GLP1-expressing cells are more abundant in Pax4 mutant ileum. Student's T-test *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.</p>