“Holographic” pyramid: conceptual errors and didactic potential

<p></p><p>Allusion to holograms is identified in different contexts to refer to different devices and shows, like the images displayed by the pyramids “holographic”. However, as we pointed out in this article, the images displayed by these pyramids, besides not being holograms in fact, are just two-dimensional images. We identified, however, a rich didactic potential in “holographic” pyramids for the teaching of Physics, especially when we consider the transition from the student's naive curiosity to epistemological curiosity and the teaching of certain concepts of optics and mathematics. Therefore, we built a quadrangular pyramid using acrylic plates and we made discussions about their operation. Through this article, we hope, among other things, to promote the critical awareness of teachers and students in the face of technological artifacts in constant changes around them, especially those considered as holograms.</p><p></p>