Histology in gastrointestinal organs following oral <i>B. pseudomallei</i> infection.

<p>BALB/c mice were in inoculated with 5×10<sup>5</sup> CFU <i>B. pseudomallei</i> 1026b. Mice were euthanized 56 days after infection and tissues were processed and stained with hematoxylin and eosin as described in methods. Tissues were also collected from uninfected BALB/c mice as control tissues. Stomach (A), small intestine (B), cecum (C) and colon (D) images from uninfected BALB/c mice are shown in the left column. Stomach (E), small intestine (F), cecum (G) and colon (H) images from <i>B. pseudomallei</i> infected mice are shown in the right hand column. For stomach images (A, E) the location of each H+E image within the stomach is indicated by the star on the stomach outline shown in the bottom left corner of each image. All small intestine images are from the ileum, and the colon images are from the proximal colon. Images were captured at 400× final magnification, and the scale bar on all images represents 25 microns.</p>