HLA-A, -B and -C allele frequencies in the Ga-Adangbe.

Shown are the HLA-A, -B and -C allotypes (left) identified in the Ga-Adangbe study population (2N = 366), their frequencies (centre) and the KIR they interact with (right); † – from [113] and Hilton et al. (unpublished). Characteristic alleles of sub-Saharan African populations [13], [74] are shown in bold. By frequency, approximately half of the HLA-A and -B and one third of the HLA-C alleles are specific to sub-Saharan Africans (twelve HLA-A alleles; combined frequency 50.3%: fourteen HLA-B alleles; and 45.4%: three HLA-C alleles; 32.8%).