Graphs of the genetic networks for AFLPs (upper row) and COI (lower row).

<p>Nuclear networks have been created with: a) eight loci under stabilizing selection, b) 117 neutral loci and c) four loci under directional selection; whereas mitochondrial networks have been created with d) 22 uncorrelated haplotypes and e) three haplotypes associated with temperature. Black circles represent populations in high temperature sites (24°C), grey circles depict intermediate temperatures (12–19°C) and white circles represent sites at low temperature (6–8°C). Site pairs in a network connected by lines are considered to exchange migrants exhibiting significant conditional genetic covariance. Solid lines indicate connections assuming an IBD process where genetic distances and spatial distances are proportional. Dotted lines (…) represent compressed edges with relatively higher conditional genetic distance (cGD) in respect to spatial distance (suggesting geographical or ecological barriers), whereas dashed lines (---) depict extended edges indicating long distance migration processes.</p>