Gluten dependence of histological lesions in gluten-sensitive rhesus macaque FH09.

<p>(A) Morphometric analysis of villus height:crypt depth ratios from at least 4 different areas of distal duodenum in gluten-sensitive FH09 and control FR26 following dietary changes. Administration of a gluten-free diet increased the V:C ratio in FH09 at week 27 to a level that is statistically equivalent to that in FR26 (constant at all time points). Reintroduction of dietary gluten resulted in a drop in V:C ratio in FH09 (week 37) relative to that in FH09 on a gluten-free diet (week 27) and to that in FR26. *P<0.05. (B–C) H&E-stained duodenum at week 37 following 10 weeks of a gluten-containing diet. 100× magnification. (B) Control macaque FR26 exhibits normal villus architecture. (C) Gluten-sensitive macaque FH09 exhibits villus blunting. (D–E) Highlighted sections in B–C were examined by immunohistochemistry. 400× magnification. (D) Anti-CD3 staining in FR26 shows few CD3+ IELs (dark brown dots in epithelium). (E) Anti-CD3 staining in FH09 shows intraepithelial lymphocytosis.</p>