Glucose induced insulin secretion both <i>in vivo</i> and in isolated islets from PTP1B <sup>−</sup>/<sup>−</sup> and WT mice.

<p>Islets were isolated from 8 weeks old WT and PTP1B <sup>−</sup>/<sup>−</sup> mice and insulin secretion was assayed at indicated glucose concentrations (2.8 and 16.7 mM) in static incubation experiments as indicated in materials and methods section. A) Insulin secretion per islet. B) Islet insulin content. C) Insulin secretion as a percentage of total insulin content. D) Plasma insulin levels after glucose administration during an ipGTT test in PTP1B <sup>−</sup>/<sup>−</sup> (n = 5) and WT (n = 5) mice. E) Glucose tolerance test (ipGTT): blood glucose levels of PTP1B <sup>−</sup>/<sup>−</sup> (n = 13) and WT (n = 12) mice at the indicated time points after an intraperitoneal injection of glucose (2 g/Kg body weight). F) ipGTT area under the curve (AUC). AUC was calculated using the trapezoidal rule. All results represent mean±SEM * p<0.05; ** p<0.005 PTP1B <sup>−</sup>/<sup>− </sup><i>vs</i> WT.</p>