“Give me one good reason . . . ” A case study of rolling out VIVO across disciplines

2016-02-06T20:33:37Z (GMT) by Julia Trimmer
What’s it like to implement VIVO across all disciplines, including the arts, humanities and social sciences? In <br>this presentation, we’ll present our own experiences rolling out Duke University's VIVO implementation, Scholars@Duke, to Arts & Sciences departments in spring of 2014. This presentation covers lessons learned from this rollout, including our attempts to confront attitudes and fears about academic technology in traditional humanities and social science departments. In this presentation, we’ll set the stage by describing the particular climate for these departments at Duke. We’ll state our plan and good intentions, and contrast them with the events as they actually unfolded. Finally, we’ll talk about how we’re addressing these adoption challenges and plans for moving forward, since we continue to look for ways to increase engagement with certain groups of users. <br>