Geometry of rose prickles having failed and not failed.

<p>Prickles classified as failed have snapped off in mechanical tests. Prickles where the Kevlar loop slipped off are classified as not failed. For <i>Rosa arvensis</i> data obtained with traction parallel to the stem (force direction “1”) are pooled and for <i>Rosa arvensis</i> ‘Splendens‘ type I and II data obtained with traction at 45° (force direction “2”) are pooled. The specified values are medians and lower and upper quartiles (in brackets)</p><p>(***: p ≤0.001),</p><p>(*: p ≤0.05),</p><p>(-: P > 0.05, Mann-Whitney U-Test, Student’s t-test and Welch’s t-test).</p><p>Geometry of rose prickles having failed and not failed.</p>