Functionally integrated PV-ir hNPCs.

The representative hNPC was recorded in the whole-cell configuration. After recording, the slice was fixed and further processed for PV staining. The electrophysiologically identified hNPC proved to be a PV-ir interneuron. Spontaneous IPSCs, as shown in this figure, were observed in this neuron in the presence of NBQX and d-AP5, and after 20 min washout, sEPSCs were observed in the presence of PIC (not shown). To exclude the possible complications of the addition of antagonists, representative traces for spontaneous EPSCs from another PV-ir hNPC were shown in the figure in the presence of PIC. Series images from each section with GFP+ hNPCs and biocytin staining were acquired with a z-step of 0.5 μm and stacked along the Z-axis. In the merged image, the neuron in white (GFP+Biocytin+PV) was a grafted hNPC that was recorded in whole cell mode and stained with PV; neurons in cyan (GFP+PV) were PV-ir hNPCs that were not recorded (arrows); neurons in green (GFP) were PV negative hNPCs; neurons in blue (PV) were PV-ir interneurons that were from host mouse cells. Note that anti-PV reacted with both human and mouse neurons; however, mouse PV-ir interneurons were all GFP negative.