Functional effects of adaptive mutations in a gene network polymorphism.

2014-01-09T03:15:18Z (GMT) by Jungeui Hong David Gresham
<p>(A) NCR genes are altered in expression in clones recovered from ammonium-limited conditions. Only genes having at least one observation with log<sub>2</sub> ratio >|1.5| were included (29/38 NCR genes <a href="" target="_blank">[71]</a>). Genes and samples are hierarchically clustered using centered correlation and complete linkage. (B) Three independently acquired <i>GAT1</i> mutations found in a single ammonium-limitation adapted population are clustered in the zinc finger DNA binding domain of the encoded protein. The wild type GAT1 protein sequence was queried using the Protein Model Portal database <a href="" target="_blank">[72]</a>. (C) Two different point mutations in MEP2 found in ammonium-limitation adapted clones change the identical codon within a putative trans-membrane domain. Domain information was obtained from SGD database (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>). (D) GAT1 and LST4 likely regulate the production and delivery of MEP2 to the plasma membrane at the transcriptional and post-translational level, respectively.</p>