Food consumption in <i>Bombus terrestris</i> colonies during a pulsed exposure to imidacloprid.

2013-11-04T03:44:07Z (GMT) by Ian Laycock James E. Cresswell
<p>Feeding responses of standardised <i>Bombus terrestris</i> colonies (<i>N</i> = 60) during a 28-day pulsed exposure to dietary imidacloprid. Specifically, (A) mean daily syrup and (B) mean daily pollen consumption during the initial 14-day ‘on dose’ period feeding on imidacloprid dosed syrup (filled circles) and during the subsequent 14-day ‘off dose’ period feeding on undosed control syrup (unfilled circles). Dashed lines connect the mean consumption rates of colonies over the entire 28-day pulsed exposure. Error bars indicate ± SE. Control data (zero µg kg<sup>−1</sup>) are displayed slightly displaced on the x-axis for ease of inspection.</p>




CC BY 4.0