Flow cytometric analysis of leukocytes recovered from the brains of Con and IDT-treated 3xTgAD mice.

(A) Representative flow cytometry profiles of the cell surface markers and gating strategy are shown for Con and Low IDT brains. (B) The percentage of leukocytes (CD45Hi+), microglia (CD45Dim+), granulocytes (CD45Hi+/CD11b+/GR1+) and neutrophils (CD45Hi+/CD11b+/GR1+/1A8+) among all cells analyzed across the four treatment groups. One-way ANOVA of the neutrophil populations revealed a significant IDT effect (F2, 10 = 6.468, P = 0.0023). Both Low/Med and High IDT treatment groups significantly increased neutrophil infiltration into the brain relative to Con 3xTgAD brains (*p < 0.05; **p < 0.01).